How to Download and Play Slender Man

Slender – The Eight Pages developed by Parsec Productions

How To Download Slender Man Game

If you are looking for the free downloadable version of the game, look no further than Slender – The Eight Pages. Though the flash games do a good job of mimicking the core concepts of this game, the downloadable version is the most complete version you will find.

To start, just go to Before you begin the download, the website lists some basic information about the game, which you can find below the Free Download button. This game is compatible with various Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Slender – The Eight Pages is also available to play on a Mac. The size of the download is 62.8 MB, so make sure you have the required space available as well.

Slender Man Game

When you are ready to download and begin the installation process, Click on the Free Download button on the top left of the screen. Once you click the download link, the website will direct you to another page where you must click the download link again. After you do this, the download will begin. For Google Chrome users (As with most Internet browsers), the download will show on the bottom left of the screen. Once the download has finished, click on it, and the Slender – The Eight Pages will begin the installation process.

Once you have the file open for installation, you may read through the End-User License Agreement if you wish. When you finish reading, or when you are ready to move on, click on Accept on the bottom right. At the options section of the installation, I recommend that you choose the Custom option. Once you click that, uncheck both boxes underneath the Custom option and hit next. No need for unnecessary installations on your computer. On the next screen, click on No Thanks for the Hotspot Shield Internet Security and click Next. After that the game installation will begin!

After the game has been installed, a folder will automatically appear with the compressed Slender files. If your computer does not have the option of unzipping a file, you can find various file-compression utilities to unzip the contents of the compressed folder. I suggest downloading the free 7zip from Once you have the option to unzip the folder, on the upper-right of the folder there should be an Extract All button. Click on Extract All. Once clicked, it will ask where to save the contents. Choose whichever location you desire, perhaps in a specific gaming folder on your computer. Remember which folder you save the files to because that’s where you will need to go to open the game! Once the files have been extracted, you are now ready to play. Go to the file location (wherever you saved the files) and double-click on the folder Slender v0.9.7. Once inside the folder, double-click Slender – The Eight Pages and the Slender Configuration screen will appear. Here you can adjust the graphics settings and the in-game controls. Adjust the graphics according to the type of computer you have. For slower, less graphically powerful computers choose fast or fastest for Graphics Quality. Also, you may want to lower the resolution as well. There is also an option to play the game in windowed mode instead of full screen. Playing in windowed mode gives you the freedom of using your computer while you play, which is useful if you have multiple applications running on your computer. If you want to play in windowed mode, just check the Windowed box. If you click on Input, you can change the button layout however you wish. Once you are ready, click Play!

How To play Slender Man Game

At the title screen, You will see a list of options to choose from, including Start Game, Slender Man Mythos, Options, Extras, Credits, and Quit. Extras contains extra content that can only be unlocked after you have beaten the game. Before jumping into the game, I suggest clicking on Options. Change the sensitivity of the mouse according to your play style – the further to the right the slider moves, the higher the sensitivity. There is also an option for inverting the mouse so that up is down and vice versa. Grass Level, Tree Detail, and Fog can also be changed according to your computers graphical capabilities. Again, for a lower-end computer, I would slide the sliders to the left, lowering the graphics demand. You may even chose to deactivate the fog setting as well. Click Back, and once you are on the title screen again, hit Start Game.

Slender, though challenging and a great deal frightening, is very basic. Depending on how you arranged your Input settings, the player will move through the forest, with the purpose of collecting eight pages. A word of caution: The more pages you collect the more difficult the game becomes. As per the default controls of the game, the player can be moved as such: W moves the player forward, A moves the player to the left, D to the right, and S moves the character backward. The mouse controls the player’s view and flashlight, and as long as the Invert Mouse box hasn’t been selected, the camera will turn left, right, up, and down accordingly. You can jog/run by pressing and holding the shift key, and you also have the option of zooming in by pressing E and zooming out by pressing Q. You may turn your flashlight off by pressing F or by right-clicking.

After a brief opening, the game begins. In the dark, fog-infested forest, it’s just you, your flashlight, and that’s it. You have no map, and no idea where you are or where you are going. All you know is that you need eight pages of a manuscript. You can jog; however, realize that the more you jog the more tired your player becomes. In addition, the character lowers his/her flashlight while jogging, decreasing your vision in the imperceptible darkness. When the Slender man approaches he disrupts the screen with static. Run away from him if you see him to avoid being caught. If you can avoid the Slender Man successfully and collect all eight pages, you will win the game.

So how do you find these eight pages? First, try to remember where you have been. There are distinct locations in the game, and each location is bound to have a page of the manuscript. The key to finding each page is to keep moving and locate as many of these different locations as possible. Stay focused on what direction you are going. If you want to get the most out of the game, play it at night with either headphones or high volume. If you are successful at collecting all eight pages of the manuscript, you will unlock additional content that can be found in the Extras menu at the title screen.

In the middle of the forest with just a flashlight for protection, you the player must seek out the scattered eight pages of Slender…before he arrives. If you see the Slender Man: Run. Running is really your only offense and defense in the game. Collect the eight pages before the Slender Man catches you, or else you will succumb to ultimate terror.Slender – The Eight Pages is a simple PC game that can be easily downloaded from the Internet, and best of all it is free. It is a single-player game with no online functionality, but if you are looking for a Slender game to play online, there are a variety of flash games available on the Internet. In fact, at one can find a variety of 3D and 2D versions of the game similar to the original with little to no installation requirements (If your Internet browser does not have the Unity Webplayer plugin, you may be asked to install it). Before I explain how to download and play the original version of the game, I’ll explain a couple of the flash games that are available.
Slender Man Game

Slender Flash Games

Slender – Web Edition developed by BonkerzRob

As for the Slender flash games at, before playing the games the website may ask to install the Unity Webplayer. To play the games you must download this plugin. Slender – Web Edition stays true to the core concepts of the original: You are lost in a forest armed with nothing but a flash light and your only objective is to collect eight pages. A caution before playing this game, however: This version of Slender is still in development, lacking key features of the full-fledged game. It is very similar to the original downloadable game as the WASD keys move the character in the respective direction, F toggles the flashlight, and space bar jumps. You can pick up pages by left-clicking or right-clicking on the mouse. However, this version does not have a run/jog button. During gameplay the mouse pointer will lock inside the game, disallowing you to point or click anything outside the flash player. To unlock the mouse, simply press ESC on the keyboard. As is with the original game, collect the manuscript pages before the Slender Man appears. If he does, run away.

Slender (3D)developed by VaporGaming

This version, also on, controls the same way, only this flash game does have a run/jog function (press shift to jog). Again, the same concept applies for this game: Gather the eight pages before the Slender Man catches you. If you press escape in-game, an options menu opens. Click on Change Graphics Quality to change the graphics, and select according to your computer’s performance capabilities.

Slender (2D) Developed by Lenke

This is a straightforward and efficient flash version of Slender. At the title screen you can choose from five different options: Start Game, Instructions, Quality, Extras, Credits. Change the Quality setting according to the type of computer you have. For low-end computers with less powerful graphics cards, set the game to low or medium. Of course, you can always experiment with the graphics settings. If the game runs too slow, lower the setting.

Because the game is a 2D game, your character moves only left to right on screen. You can move you character using the same keyboard control ADWS or by using the arrow pad. At certain points a white arrow will appear on the screen, pointing up or down. Move your character in the direction of the arrow to advanced to the next screen on the map. Do this to collect all eight pages. The mouse controls your flashlight, so move the mouse around to see where you are going. When lines of static appear on the screen that means Slender Man is near. Avoid him at all costs by running in the opposite direction.

Slender developed by sloth680

This version of Slender, though it shares the same core concept of collecting pages in the dark, is entirely different from the others. Instead of 2D side-scroller, or 3D first-person perspective game, this game’s perspective is a bird’s eye view or top-down view, where the player controls the character seemingly from above. Furthermore, you control the character differently in this version of Slender, having to use instead only the arrow pad on the keyboard to move. In addition, you do not control the flashlight. Instead, light encircles the character, and your only task is to move the character throughout the map, picking up the pages as you go. Watch out for Slender Man, though: The minute he sees you the game is over.